The iFrame API allows you to display the SaySo for Good survey interface on your website or app.


Calling the iframe API allows you to see ahead of time if there are surveys available for a particular user or not. If there are, we will send you a positive response along with a URL that you can use for displaying our survey interface to your user within an iframe or in WebView.

If there are no surveys available for a user, you will not have a link to display and you should inform them that they can try again later.

When the respondent completes a survey, we will send you a notification. Please refer to our API Publisher Callback Specifications document for a detailed description of the notifications we can send back to you.

Here is an image of our survey interface:



  • The optimal iFrame dimensions for displaying our survey interface are 1024px wide and 768px high.
  • At the bottom of our user interface, there will be links to our Terms & Conditions and also our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you also provide links to your own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.