This API is designed to allow you pull surveys for an individual user and display those surveys within your own interface.


Through a single API query you supply us with some basic demographic information about a user and we will return to you a list of all surveys that the user is a potential match for. From this list you can decide which surveys to display to the user.

If you only supply us with only the mandatory datapoint information the first time you query the API for a new user, the list you receive will be less targeted than if you provide as much information as you have about that user. If you send more information you will see higher conversion rates. To get a list of our optional datapoints you should refer to the RFGdatapoints.json.

Any piece of demographic information that you are not able to pass to us, we will ask of the respondent before letting them into the survey. If they give the wrong answer, they will be rejected from the survey and we will immediately try to find another one for them and redirect them to it. This additional attempt at a survey will have an equal or greater payout than the one you initially chose. By default, there is no limit to the number of times we will try to find an additional survey for the user but you can let us know if you would like one set. The lowest number of additional times we will try is 1.

As users return to us, we will store some of their answers and build anonymous profiles about them so that future API calls will result in more targeted survey lists.

When a respondent completes a survey, we will send you a notification. Please refer to our API Publisher Callback Specifications document for a detailed description of the notifications we can send back to you.